Tuesday 10: 10 things I would want on a deserted island

Below is my must-have list, should I ever encounter a deserted island. I am assuming there will be food and water sources available if I know where to look and/or how to acquire it.

To be clear, it is a deserted island not a dessert island. In that case, the only item I would require is a spoon.

1. Big Gun: Not necessarily for shooting at anything in particular, just for piece of mind. When a twig snaps in the middle of the night, I’d feel much better after firing a few random shots to spook the twig away. Also, if the Hunger Games should ever happen, I got dibs on a big gun.

2. A Man: I’m not very knowledgeable about physics, but I think there is something called Fabio’s Law that says; when on a deserted island, must have a tan muscle man. I’d like to amend that law to say; must have a nerdy man with glasses. My nerd can build fires with lenses, make a stand mixer out of a coconut husk, and know the friendly edibles. Oh, and by nerd here, I mean my husband. My husband is Bear Grylls.

3. A Volleyball: Things are much less deserted on an island when you have a companion made out of a volleyball.

4. Tent: I like sleeping outdoors but I have a minimal standard. A tent is very necessary for keeping mosquitoes away from me at night and making me feel a little more secure under a dome of waterproof fabric.

5. Fire: There is a reason fire is so important for survival. It provides warmth, light, a valuable cooking tool, and peace of mind. Also, when my nerd makes me a shower out of bamboo, I gotta have hot water.

6. My Goody Brush: There is one hairbrush on this earth that can get through my thick hair without causing breakage or pain. It took me 25 years to find the perfect brush and there is no way I am leaving it behind.

7. Blank paper: I don’t need to take books or reading material with me; I love writing my own. Blank sheets of paper open up endless possibilities.

8. Sunscreen: I have had sun poisoning each and every time I have visited the beach.

9. Electronic Device: I need to be able to tweet about what’s happening on the deserted island of course and pinning my bamboo and grapevine DIY projects.. Also doubles as a flashlight, a camera, and a way to communicate regularly with Amy @ It’s 10:02 Again.

10. My son: He is EVERYTHING to me! And, he comes with a dinosaur.







What or who would you take on a desert island with you?


Tuesday 10: 10 Things I would say to my 16 year old self

What would you say if you met your 16 year old self? Below are ten things I wish I had known in 1996.

1. Don’t be afraid to be different.

2. Being the center of attention is not always a bad thing. Stop shying away from it.

3. Don’t be in such a hurry to grow up.

4. Your senior year will be awesome. Try to enjoy your junior year too!

5. Seize opportunities to sing more.

6. They are laughing with you, not at you. Just chill.

7. Your first choice of college is the better choice.

8. You and he are really better off as best friends.

9. You are smart, you’re just lazy.

10. Invent Facebook.

What would you say? Link up…