The awesomest thank you!

When I was a teacher, we would frequently thank visiting speakers with a collection of thank you notes from the class. It was an opportunity for students to describe what they learned and express their appreciation for the visit to our school.

A message and an illustration to express 'thank you.'

As moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, or whatever you are, it is no secret that kids say some silly things. When a student wrote a thank you note to a weatherman who had visited their school, unicorns with donuts on their horns, a supreme-ultra lord of the universe, and 200 story castle were involved in the awesomest thank you note ever!

Read the full story here…

What are some of the totally awesome things your kids have said?


2 thoughts on “The awesomest thank you!

  1. That is so incredibly cute. What a great article! My older son had a journal entry the teacher sent home on Monday. It said, “Last weekend I Bet Leb 7. I like MRRUO. Mom is the Bes Mom.” It translated to “Last weekend I beat level 7. I like Mario. Mom is the best mom.” (Truth is, I beat level 7 in Mario Brothers for the Wii. I feel like I have street cred with the Kindy class). ❤ Kids are awesome.

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