Tuesday 10: 10 Things in my Purse

Inside my purse...

1. Lotion: Scented lotions are so refreshing. It keeps my skin hydrated and smelling good. (What I’m Using: Be Enchanted by Bath and Body Works)

2. Lip Gloss: I love a subtle tint or shine to my lips. It polishes off my look and compliments my make-up. (What I’m Using: Clarins – Pearl 02)

3. Chap-Stick: Dry lips look bad and feel uncomfortable. I like to keep mine hydrated. (What I’m Using: Blistex Deep Renewal)

4. Tampon: I always keep my purse and vehicle stocked.

5. Wallet: The inside of my wallet is much more interesting than the outside. I never carry much cash and use the empty pockets like a portable filing cabinet. Contents include sales receipts, business cards, love notes, used envelopes, and 4.5 lbs worth of change. (What I’m Using: Dooney and Burke)

My purse.

6. Belt: When my belt didn’t cooperate yesterday, I took it off and put it in my purse. I have yet to return it to my closet.

7. Bobbi Pins: Great solution for hair fixes and a different look for mid-day!

8. Headphones: Excellent way to escape the world and get lost in some good (and bad) music.

9. Stamps: I have a bad habit of carrying stamps in my purse and never using them. These stamps are worth 44 cents each.

10. Keys: Necessary for getting into the office, into my car, and into my house. Also good for entertaining children while you buckle them into their car seat.

What’s in your purse? Link up…


16 thoughts on “Tuesday 10: 10 Things in my Purse

  1. I really like these Tuesday 10 lists and I wanna start adding them to my blog… but regrettably, i don’t know how to make that button thingy on my post. 😦 So funny that you have a belt in your purse. You sure it’s not for emergency disciplinary situations? LOL

    • I am happy to say my post pregnancy weight is lower than my pre pregnancy weight. Perhaps I should keep a belt for emergency situations. Don’t want my granny panties to show!

  2. Thanks for reminding me to restock my purse with Tampons… I always get caught without. Love the purse feature! Such a smart, amusing gal. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks. I just switched bags last weekend and although smaller than what I usually carry (my bags are BIGGER than my diaper bag), I like it too… I think…

      Happy to link up! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a beautiful vision of order you conjure up! A woman’s state of mind can be measured by the state of her handbag. Which frankly, is a cause of concern to me:

    10 Things in My Bag

    1. Wallet. Empty.
    2. Bit of tissue.
    3. Bigger bit of tissue.
    4. Used baby wipe..
    5. Nappy (mercifully, unused. not to say that a used nappy has not found its way in there in the past…..)
    6. Another bit of tissue.
    7. Tissue wrapping
    8. Crayons. Great for being out and about and needing to entertain the 4 year old. Can be combined with tissues (when whole) to make impromptu colouring book.
    9. Crayon remnants. This is what happens to the crayons after a while. Great for adding unplanned decorative flourishes to the inside of your bag.
    10. Nearly empty Waitrose bottom butter. Bottoms, lips, hands… mine, the baby’s, the four year old, friends and family…. everyone is welcome. They may not want it, but they are still welcome.

    • Oh, I love all the little bits of tissue in your bag! I normally have to shake my bag out every couple of weeks to keep the bottom crumb free. And you are not alone… I have had some used diapers in my bag. Thankfully, I have remembered to toss it out ASAP.

      Thank you so much for sharing your list! πŸ™‚

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