Getting Work and Life More in Balance

Blogging is greater than just writing. It is about conversation and interaction. If bloggers didn’t want a response or reaction to their posts, they might use a pen and paper to record their thoughts and keep them private. But here I am; an open book.

After Work-Life Imbalance was Freshly Pressed, a productive conversation about work and family occurred. Some shared their personal experiences, others shared advice and encouragement. I would be a fool if I neglected to recognize what I was learning from their comments. I would also be greedy if I didn’t share their wisdom with others.

I wanted to highlight a few comments from different perspectives and with different backgrounds than my own. Recognizing that no two stories are alike, but that they are equally relevant, is important as we all journey to be better bloggers, parents, and people.

Flav_Holman: I think my life went completely off balance 5 years ago when I had my daughter. Never to go back to the way it was again 🙂

ASuburbanLife: I wish I could find the person who coined the term “work life balance” and kick him. The definition of balance is “a state of equilibrium or equipoise; EQUAL distribution of weight, amount, etc.” or “to be EQUAL or proportionate” (my emphasis in all caps). When you are a working parent of young children there is no balance! I prefer “work family juggle” (juggle = to hold, catch, carry, or balance precariously; almost drop and then catch hold again!).

emmahevezi: you need to concentrate on what you are doing well not on what other people appear to be doing or how you compare to other people.

Life’s amazing journey: There’s a chance that the work/family-life balance is a myth. I think that it’s easier to take work and family as it comes separately – work for these hours, family for the other hours.

kramerjen: I don’t think anyone really has it figured out.

kcburk: Work 8 hours. Get 3 with your kids before bed time. That’s an even trade right!?

krafte: From the other side: I had a stay at home mom, and while she was always there, as I got older, she was STILL always there. It ended up being hurtful both to me, and to her, I think.

divaofdelicious: I hated to work my butt off just pay $$$ for someone else to do what I wanted to do…raise my kids.

oilandgarlic: I’ve written about this topic numerous times. I think flexiblity is more important than the mythic work/life balance, as there is always an imbalance of sorts!

Ruby Bagga: When at home, just try to spend quality time with him and the house work gets neglected. Its a never ending vicious circle.

Thank you to everyone who has been participating in the Work-Life Imbalance discussion. You are more than welcome to share your thoughts or additional comments below.


17 thoughts on “Getting Work and Life More in Balance

  1. Again, so glad I found your blog. As a teacher I struggle constantly with leaving my child at daycare so I can go spend the day with other people’s children. Am I the only one spending their lunch hour sitting in a darkened classroom sobbing into a protien shake (to lose the baby weight) missing their kid? Probably. This morning was particularly hard. Some mornings are. Most mornings are. I count down the days until summer vacation so I can be with my kid. BTW, 64 left to go.

    • Thank you so much for visiting again. What do you teach? I was a teacher for five years before I transitioned into politics (and before I had kids). I imagine it must be very difficult to spend time with other children and not your own. I think today makes 63 more days. Hang in there 🙂

      • Hi again… I teach 5th grade and have been teaching for almost 15 years (taught several other grades but have been in 5th the longest). Thank you for your blog. It’s definately on my list!!!! I wish I were more energetic tonight to post… but I am zapped! Just enough energy for a glass of wine!!! 🙂 Happy Weekend!

  2. Hmmm…and how about that feel of not having been together just enough for the day.. I get that too often.WIth the same grudge…not being satisfied reagrding her hygiene, food…and the most important missing thehours of her lovely age, I was a working Mum till she was 3…yep I had a flexible work routine but still it was one !! One fine day I find her turning and twisting her walker when back from work…some fine day I see her making bubbles from her mouth and how I missed the moment when she did that FOR THE FIRST TIME…lol. That made me move to home…Work from home and I do that till day. I have my to-do list prioritised for the day with 2 sets – house chores and official…synchronise them with time exclusive for her..planned days..planned weekends…with many plans going into the bin at times 😉 but I managed to manage all. Agreeing to the fact, every night once she sleeps and I touch her eyes and face…I feel it wasn’t just enough for the day. Many a times I tell myself to keep aside some works if I’m that greedy but then how often.
    I know this would never end 🙂 Mums are greedy !!

    • You have a major system worked out! I can honestly say I am ‘ok’ with the way things are right now. Do I wish I could spend more time with my son? Of course! But because I don’t have the flexibility to do that right now, I think I have found something that works for me. That is the best I can hope for right now. 🙂

  3. thankyou for including my comment 🙂 i just feel that we should not worry about what we are not doing. the fact is you are working towards earning some money and more importantly time to spend at home with your kids. i wish that i had a family of my own to worry about. my mum was at home all the time until i was 2, then went back to work almost full time. so my mum didn’t have the benefit of a work life balance :/ keep smiling and keep up the balance 🙂

  4. Love your blog! I tried to do a ping back on a post I wrote on the myth of work-life balance but seem to have mucked it up! (still working out the whole blogging thing…..) So here is the link to mine if you’re interested in having a little look at a one kindred soul’s take on it all!

    And if you are cool with it, I put a link to your excellent piece underneath it.

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