Working Mom Style: My 3 Make-up Must Haves

As a working mom, my look is limited to the constraints of time and budget. Working Mom Style highlights simple ways to make a fashion statement. If you’re a corporate mom or a SAHM, these tips and tricks can work for you too!

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As mom, my ‘getting ready’ routine has been simplified for time and degree of difficulty. You know moms get no privacy in the bathroom no matter what they are doing. One of my getting ready must-dos is putting on a little make-up. With practice, my make-up routine has been adjusted to 3 simple steps to accommodate minimal time and effort.


With Make-UP:

My 3 Make-Up Must Haves

(In order of importance)

1. Mascara does amazing things. It make me look polished, wide-eyed, and emphasizes a feature I kinda like; my eyes. (Cost: $8)

2. To cover blemishes and dark circles I use a liquid foundation with moisturizer and SPF. It’s like a 3 in 1 tool for my skin. (Cost about $15)

3. Blush is a subtle touch but gives my pale skin a pop of color. Bonus when you use it on your eyes too! (Cost about $4)

My 3 step make-up routine is done in under 3 minutes and doesn’t bust my me-budget!


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