2002: Not a Cool Enough Year to Make a Movie About

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but 2002 was like ten years ago. I know, right? If my son had invented time travel, I could take you back to 2002 with me. But alas, he is still working on it. I vaguely remember a few events that occurred in 2002 (who I was dating, where I was working, what I looked like) but mostly it is an intentional and embarrassing blur.

2002 was the year I had my braces taken off. Not the oh-I-didn’t-even-know-you-had-braces kind, the metal-made-radio-signal-disrupting kind. Yes, I graduated college with a mouth full of braces. Without braces in the summer of 2002, I proudly started grad school and work on my Master’s in elementary education.

2002 was the year I had my second to the last boyfriend. My next boyfriend became my husband. Sorry to the first-runner-up. I’d like to tell you you’re better off without me, but I think it’s the other way around.

2002 was also the last year I had with my Mema. Enough said.

Without the invention of time travel yet (come on son, mommy’s waiting) it’s easier to look forward than to look behind. As you can imagine, a lot can change in ten years.

2003: My grandmother passed away.

2004: I met my husband.

2005: Moved to Maryland where driving skills are optional when acquiring a driver’s license and was involved in a nasty car accident. Also, I started teaching.

2006: Did we skip 2006? I don’t seem to recall this happening. Yes?

2007: Taught 7th and 8th grade and planned-me-a- wedding.

2008: Married on July 26th. Left teaching to pursue some political opportunities.

2009: Worked and worked some more. Also, moved to Virginia because it’s for lovers.

2010: I got pregnant. Yeah, Virginia really is for lovers.

2011: Birth of my son on January 13th.

Knowing my luck, if I could go back to 2002 and tell myself what would happen in the next 10 years, the flux capacitor in my car would probably get it wrong and I would end up in 1985. And if you have no idea what I am talking about, you are the first person I am sending back to 1985 so you can get yourself some pop culture.


8 thoughts on “2002: Not a Cool Enough Year to Make a Movie About

  1. You’ve had a busy 10 years. Like Brittany, we’ve got 2006 covered for you – my older son was born! Glad things worked out exactly the way they did. 🙂 And that you got your braces off.

    • Y’all must have been busy in 2005! 😉 Totally glad 2006 was awesome for some!

      And yes, very glad about the not having braces anymore… and not having to wear a retainer anymore. 😀

  2. 2006 probably wasn’t that important.

    Are you sure it’s Maryland drivers? I think it’s the PA drivers who pass through or commute to DC.

    I found your blog on BlogHer (I’m new to it). Do you post here and then copy and paste posts there as well?

    • It was a Maryland plate so yes, I blame a Maryland driver for that one.

      I do post here first then take my content over to BlogHer. I’m new to it as well but read a few posts which linked back to blogs and thought I’d give it a try.

      I look forward to blogging with you!

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