The Problem With Pinterest

I’m old enough to complain about the way things used to be. The way our phones were attached to the wall and tethered with cords. The way our 10 song playlists were stored on devices that had to be turned over. The way we ‘got mail’ on paper. Ah, the way technology was. Remember when your $30 microwave used to cost $3000 or your $15 dollar cd player cost $400? Remember Gateway computers, Netscape, and MySpace?

I’m one of those weirdos that likes paper. I use paper for note-taking, book reading, and communicating with others. Paper came after cave drawings but before everything started with the letter e (eBook, email). I’m afraid of things I don’t understand like technology, math, and husbands. They call my phone smart but they just call me Jennifer.

Always reluctantly, I have exposed my soul to social media. I used Livejournal for a time, followed by MySpace, next was Facebook, then Twitter, and now WordPress during my on-line lifetime. As we speak, some teenager is creating the next billion dollar thing.

When something is described to me as being addictive, I’m cautious. I ignored Pinterest for as long as I could, but when all of my friends started using it, the peer pressure became too great.

When I saw what others were doing with Pinterest, I was intimidated. They had organized their boards into dream homes, recipes, wardrobes by season, craft projects, beautiful people, and sources of inspiration. Although I had enjoyed seeing what others were doing with Pinterest, I never imagined I would be clever enough (or dedicated enough) to organize my ideas and thoughts into boards.

3 Ways to identify if you are addicted to Pinterest

1. Applauding blogs and people when you see that they are using Pinterest.Not the live-studio-audience-in-your-head kind of applause, but the put-your-hands-together-and-make-some-noise kind of applause.

2. Becoming frustrated when others fail to pin. It’s so disappointing when those you care about don’t care enough to pin things to amuse and impress you.

3. Getting upset when your followers do not pin your pins. It is so insulting when you pin the most awesome thing ever and they don’t bother to share the awesomeness with others. Secretly though, they are keeping it for themselves.

Honestly though, I wouldn’t be truly addicted to Pinterest if I didn’t shamelessly plug myself. Follow me and my awesome pins If you like, you can keep the awesomeness for yourself.

Where this...

... becomes this!




8 thoughts on “The Problem With Pinterest

  1. {btw, I LOVE Party of Four… I found you through her co-host Lena @ Mom2Memphis&Ruby}

    I totally understand what you mean about the techno craze. It’s ridiculous.I still carry a notebook around like I’m in 11th grade and I absolutely adore pens.

    I love your blog! It’s nice to find someone who actually writes and doesn’t just post constant link ups associated with sites like Pinterest. 😉

    • I think I am pretty much following you all over the interwebs (Facebook, Twitter, etc..) Although I like participating in link ups (great way to share blogs) I don’t appreciate the people that just want quantity and not quality. It is my hope that I have a little substance and quality to share. I try. 🙂

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