What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Childbirth


No doubt, a clever description of childbirth is not necessary. I’m sure you are thinking the same thing I am. PAIN!

Despite the fact that I have always wanted to have children of my own, I always considered childbirth to be an unfortunate obstacle; a very unfortunate and painful obstacle. After the doctor confirmed I was pregnant, my second thought was childbirth. I was scared, very scared, and had to deal with the reality that I would soon endure unimaginable pain.

We have phones that we call smart, but science has not yet discovered a way to safely teleport babies from the womb to mother’s arms. You can see my solve to the discomfort women experience during childbirth is totally realistic and do-able. I heard other mothers talking about how wonderful childbirth was, but I certainly didn’t believe them. I was told childbirth was supposed to be beautiful, but if the pain wasn’t scary enough, how about vaginal tears or bowel movements to worry about.

Mothers I talked to never expressed the details of their childbirth experiences. They would simply smile and talk about all the wonderful things that had happened after. I thought of myself as weak for being so afraid of childbirth. Other moms didn’t seem to be concerned about it. Get an epidural, they’d say to ease my worries. Sometimes I wondered if they realized epidurals involved terrifyingly long needles and a gamble that it was done accurately.

Let me do for expecting moms what I wish someone had done for me…

It is ok to be afraid.

There is no superhero more powerful than a mom, but moms really are human. Humans feel pain and fear and that is perfectly OK. We all know moms experience a lot of emotions before, during, and after childbirth; some of them super good feelings, and some of them not so good.

The reality is, the fearless moms were right. Despite my own fears about childbirth, it is not one of the moments I most recall from the day my son was born. Like the other moms, I think of the result instead of the process. The result is of course, a wonderful baby.

What I wish someone would have told me about childbirth

  • Hospital staff is on Team Mom. Their goal: to make mom as comfortable as possible during labor and delivery. I was totally unprepared to have a c-section and emotionally I was having a very difficult time understanding and accepting it. My nurse was absolutely wonderful in answering each and every nervous question I had, talked me through the entire procedure as it happened, and even held my hand and wiped my tears.
  • Hospital staff has seen it all. I think by the time the time childbirth happens, most moms have lost all modesty. Let’s face it, after being poked, prodded and examined for nine months, there is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of when baby is on its way.
  • Don’t think it only happens YOU. Although each pregnancy and delivery is uniquely different, the process is pretty much the same.
  • It’s not exactly like the movies. If you believe everything you see in movies, like I obviously do, then childbirth is absolute chaos! The reality is, hospitals and staff know what they are doing and it’s unlikely that moms scream out in pain for two days.
  • You are not alone. Whether it is daddy, another relative, a friend, a doula, or hospital staff you are not going through the childbirth process alone.
  • BONUS: Still not convinced you can do it? Talk to the daddies if you need a morale booster. They will be the first to admit that it is amazing what women do during childbirth.

5 thoughts on “What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Childbirth

  1. Great post! I appreciate that my mom was always honest about the pain and suckiness of childbirth (she delivered all 3 of us naturally). I’m even more appreciative for mommy blogs because even though I don’t have kids yet, I have gotten so much useful information. It’s great to hear women say “childbirth is hard,” “being a mom is wonderful, but not always cupcakes and rainbows,” “Sometimes my kids drive me insane.”

    • Thanks! I wish I had looked to more mommy blogs instead of reference books when I was preparing for baby. Mommy blogs don’t sugar coat the facts which I find refreshing. They also have a sense of humor about motherhood which maintains honesty and reality.

    • Even though A Baby Story is considered reality TV, they like to include the more dramatic moments of the whole process instead of the boring reality (most of labor is just waiting).

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