Jeans: The Mom Kind and the Skinny

Like any conversation about a controversial topic, it’s best just to get to the point and say it.

Let’s talk about ‘skinny jeans.’

I imagine your reaction is a lot like mine has been since women rightfully or wrongfully started wearing skinny jeans. I was wowed with my own brain power when I vowed never-ever to wear skinny jeans quicker than you can shake a stick at the time-space continuum. If you don’t speak nerd like I do, that means it’s really fast.

Purchasing jeans has always been one of my least favorite things to purchase. Yes, worse than bathing suits. You can cover up a bathing suit but you might look a little strange wearing pants on top of your jeans. Also, you have to take off your shoes when trying on jeans which feels too much like commitment. All this drama just for an average pair of jeans without any features like boot cut or slim.

"I'm not a woman anymore, I'm a mom."

I thought as a mom fashion was supposed to get easy… as in you no longer have any time for fashion and you let your personal style go in favor of comfort, convenience, and budget. I also thought that they made a special kind of jean for moms that wasn’t skinny, had full coverage for the bottom half, and came with roomy features like pleats and elastic waistbands. Now they have things called jeggings, pajama jeans, and skinny jeans. I just dare you to tell me which of those three words sounds good.

My personal experience with skinny jeans began the same way many other life changing experiences began; with a great pair of boots. I longed for something a little prettier than the snow boots I wear when I think nobody will notice.I found a great pair of boots and had visions of adorable outfits and a strut in my step.

The reality of skinny jeans became apparent after I realized I had neglected my new boots because I had no way to showcase them. After my husband suggested I get a pair of skinny jeans, I asked him why I bothered to marry him. Nonetheless, there was no denying or ignoring the fact that my husband had just suggested I go shopping. So I did.

Obviously this story has a happy ending. It did involve shopping after all. Indeed, I found a pair of skinny jeans the looked good, felt good, and was an excellent price. Let me highlight a few things I learned about skinny jeans:

I'm brave enough to wear skinny jeans and share a picture of them with you.


1. Skinny jeans are made of countless fabric blends, washes, and colors. Find the pair that looks best of your frame!

2. Don’t be a grumpy old-fashioned woman like me. Trying new things can be scary, but it can also be refreshing. I can’t tell you how many times I have ignored a trend only to love it later.

3. Skinny jeans CAN be comfortable!

4. Skinny jeans can be slimming and you shouldn’t be afraid to flaunt your mommy curves.

As a working mom, my look is limited to the constraints of time and budget. Working Mom Style highlights simple ways to make a fashion statement. If you’re a corporate mom or a SAHM, these tips and tricks can work for you too!

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