Working Mom Style: 3 Must Have Colors of Shoes

As a working mom, my look is limited to the constraints of time and budget. Working Mom Style highlights simple ways to make a fashion statement. If you’re a corporate mom or a SAHM, these tips and tricks can work for you too!

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1. Beige:

This shoes accomplishes two things. First, the neutral beige color can be worn every color of the rainbow. It’s subtle and won’t make a colorful look appear over accessorized.

Second, every working mom needs a great pair flats. If your on your feet all day or sitting behind a desk for 8 hours, comfort is crucial for every mom.

2. Black:

The basic black shoe has been a must have for a super-long time. Although a little more bold than a beige shoe, the color can be subtle and paired with endless colors.

To make basic black more interesting, get a shoe with an embellishment or and exciting feature (like the peep-toe shown here).

3. Red:

There is nothing subtle about a red shoe. This exciting pop of color can easily spice up your look. This super-woman shoe also makes a powerful statement that you mean business.

Be careful not to over-accessorize the rest of your look or use a mix of other dominate colors when wearing a red shoe. Less is more. Let this shoe do all the talking.


Let’s not fool ourselves; SAHM and working mom’s alike are all about simple comfort and functionality. A pair of fuzzy slippers is a must!

My little helper. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Working Mom Style: 3 Must Have Colors of Shoes

    • I wear heels regularly (makes us short girls feel a little taller), but never a really high or narrow heel. Someone as clumsy as me needs a sturdy base to walk on.

      And let me also add, they don’t make heels like they used to. A lot of heels are REALLY comfortable.

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