Working Mom Style: 3 Simple Ways to Dress up your Hair Right Now

As a working mom, my look is limited to the constraints of time and budget. Working Mom Style highlights simple ways to make a fashion statement. If you’re a corporate mom or a SAHM, these tips and tricks can work for you too!

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1. Dress it up with a headband:

I have long, thick hair. Without time or patience for a complicated hairstyle, I usually pull it back in a ponytail.

To dress things up and make my look more interesting, I added an embellished headband.

Did I mention it was very inexpensive?

2. Secure hair with a braid:

Bobby pins are effective, but in my opinion, not something that should be seen unless they are decorative.

To keep my long bangs away from my face, I pulled them to the side and added a small braid that I tucked behind my ear. Secured with a bobby pin, of course.

3. You CAN cut your own hair, just do it carefully:

I haven’t had a hair cut for more than a year, so I cut long bangs myself which can be styled and worn in a variety of different ways.

Before you snip, cut your hair long. It can be cut shorter but once it’s gone, you can’t put it back.


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