Top 10 Baby Myths

I was the first of my family and friends to have a baby last year during the baby boom. Cousins were pregnant, co-workers were pregnant, friends were pregnant, even famous people who are significantly older than me were pregnant. I began to suspect babies aren’t really made the way my mother told me. I think sometimes you can get pregnant from drinking water.

Mother & Baby

Facebook status updates were dominated by pregnancy announcements, OB-GYN appointment updates (3cm, holla!), it’s a girl/boy, and eventually something like OMG GET THIS BABY OUT! But there was nothing better than the ‘Our baby arrived yesterday weighing in at so many pounds so many ounces. Mother and baby are doing well.’

In my first post, I described the importance of talking to other moms as I prepared for baby. But as the first to deliver last year, I had other pregnancy newcomers asking me for advice, guidance, and honesty about what really happens.

One mom shared a motherhood secret that I always share with other moms: People will always tell you how to parent, but just parent the way YOU want to!

Is your mind blown?

But along with the good advice, there were a lot of myths.

Top 10 Baby Myths

(In no particular order)

1. Drink raspberry herbal tea to induce labor: Didn’t work for me and my frequent urination became more frequent (and urgent) urination. On a happy note, this was a delicious myth.

2. Breastfeeding is natural and your body will know what to do: Sort of true. I was misled with this one. My body and baby knew what to do but I certainly didn’t. I expected to wake up one morning and be a breastfeeding expert but it just doesn’t happen that way.

3. When you’re pregnant, you’re eating for two: Technically yes, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat double the portions. It’s nothing more than increasing your calorie intake. Have to admit, I still used it as an excuse when I wanted second helpings.

4. Weather and lunar phases cause women to go into labor: Every time someone mentioned a full moon or snowstorm approaching last winter, I had my hospital bag ready. But no amount of gravitational pull or barometric pressure started my labor.

5. Don’t cut the baby’s hair until they are 1 year old: I’m calling my mom out on this one. She mentioned it casually last year and I have been afraid to cut his hair ever since. (Note: Baby is now 1 year old and I have myself to blame for not cutting his hair yet)

6. Pregnant women are clumsier: No, I’m mostly just clumsy all the time.

7. Treat for stretch marks BEFORE you get them: I always intended to prevent stretch marks, but never really did anything about it. But no stretch marks on me! Only thing on my belly is a pretty little scar where I had my c-section.

8. Have sex to induce labor: If you can mange with a large belly and aching back, give it a try. Once baby arrives, your sleep deprivation and hormones could make it difficult.

9. Walk to induce labor: I would call this one mostly true. My strongest contractions were always after or during my daily walks.

10. Heartburn during pregnancy means your baby will born with lots of hair: So not true. I have been treated for severe heartburn since my early 20’s and my baby was born with nothing more than a little fuzz.

I am no medical expert, just a first-time mom sharing what didn’t work for me personally. It is important to remember that no two pregnancies, babies, or moms are alike. Keep that in mind when cross your cousin of the Christmas card list because the herbal tea didn’t work for you.

What myths and superstitions did or didn’t work for you?


16 thoughts on “Top 10 Baby Myths

  1. i walked everyday for the last 6 weeks with AJ and still had to be induced lol. I did not cut his hair until right before his 1st b-day pics and have not cut angelina’s yet. I did have heartburn like crazy and two babies with tons of hair, but i too have been treated for severe heartburn forever and still have it now.

    • Although my doctor eventually ordered me off of work, I was never prescribed bed rest. I was very active during my entire pregnancy but the walking never seemed like enough to get labor going.

      I’ve been told future pregnancies could be entirely different so what didn’t work for my first pregnancy might work for others.

  2. My baby was actually born during a full moon and the triage area was overloaded with mom’s having preemies. The nurses said it actually happens a lot during full moons. But I’m sure statistically there’s no difference. Now I want a raspberry tea!

    • Pregnant or not, I recommend the raspberry tea.

      It makes sense to me that lunar phases might have increase the chance of going into labor, what with all the water and fluid we’re talking about here. Just didn’t happen for me!

  3. Hmmm…may have to bunk your myth on the weather one. I was stuck at 7cm, then a huge storm came through and all of a sudden I was 10. And three other people on my floor were in the same situation. Great list!

  4. Love the post! I agree on the Raspberry tea! Speaking from experience… sex does induce labor. I had tried everything else in the book up until that point 🙂

    I had a ton of heartburn and had a baby that had a head full of hair… BUT it all fell out after the first month!

    • Many thanks!

      Raspberry tea is a delicious myth! Just like walking, sex would cause some strong contractions, but nothing more. It didn’t work, but was fun trying. 🙂

      My son had fuzz, lost fuzz, was hairless for 3 months, and overnight POOF! Now his hair is a shaggy and almost out of control.

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  6. Another Myth I heard is that you have more morning sickness while preggo with a girl because of all the extra hormones. With me it was true because I felt great with my son and sick the whole time with my girl. It was great though because it was the difference of gaining 30lbs then only 15 the second time.

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