Adventures in Grandparenting

Grandparents are special people;

  • There are lots of t-shirts complimenting their generosity (If daddy says no, grandpa says yes).
  • We have special days to honor them with house plants & neck ties.
  • They are presented with global awards for their outstanding service (World’s Best Grandparent).
  • They are the most cost-effective child care option and provide a low grandparent-grandchild ratio to provide special attention the needs of the children.

I compare my parenting with my parents, and yes, I am becoming them. Obviously, I have always looked like them, but now I sound and act like them too. Like me, my parents have changed too. But they aren’t just parents anymore; they are grandparents.

I remember the freedom my sister and I experienced when visiting our grandmothers. There were never any chores for us to do, their kitchen’s were always stocked with special treats, the answer was always yes, and discipline was nothing more than a brief threat with a wooden spoon. Freedom always seemed like a special secret between us and our grandmothers.

My grandmothers were and are (respectively) awesome! One grandmother routinely faked chest pains to quickly get a seat in a popular restaurant, the other uses Facebook. If your image of wrinkly, gray women in rocking chairs has been shattered, it should be.

Now my own parents have carried on the honored tradition of grandparenting. I suspect with time I will learn how to turn a blind eye to the spoiling and mischief that will ensue between said grandparents and grandchild.

When asked about being a grandparent, my mother had this to say:

Having a grandson has re-energized my outlook on everything and made me want to be a better, healthier grandmother. He is my special little fellow. He makes me proud and gives me a chance to shine when I talk about him.
Perhaps what I overlooked was that it is the grandchildren that make the grandparents so special.

4 thoughts on “Adventures in Grandparenting

    • Thank you Nichole!

      Originally I asked my mom if she had anything funny to say about being a grandparent… then she told me about how my father can’t change stinky diapers, his eyes water, and he gags. I didn’t use that in my post. 🙂

      But grandmas get very poetic about their love for their grandchildren so I included her declaration of love instead.

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