Function for Production: Moving and Storing Furniture

By guest blogger, Erin Houg:

Moving or storing furniture?  Here are a few tips that might make this process a bit easier, less stressful and more organized.

Furniture Markers:

I have all black furniture.  One reason I love black furniture is because I think it just makes a space look clean.  But black furniture does get nicked.  If that happens all I have to do is grab a Sharpe and color over it.  If you don’t share my same love for black furniture, check out this set of furniture markers that Amazon sells!  Life happens, just color over it!

Wrap cabinets and drawers:

Does the thought of packing your whole home leave you tired and unmotivated?  And then you remember that you have drawers and cabinets too?  Home Depot sells heavy-duty plastic wrap that you can use to wrap those doors and drawers closed.  Leaving them closed and no need to pack them.  Click here to check out Home Depot’s wrap.

Taking apart furniture:

Make sure that all the small pieces that you took off the furniture STAYS with the furniture.  Grab a Ziploc bag and zip up all those screws, nuts and bolts together.  Find an inconspicuous spot and tape your Ziploc to the furniture.  When you are ready to reassemble you know that all your pieces are right there.

Mirrors and Artwork:

Try not to store mirrors and artwork on a flat surface; because of their weight they have the tendency to collapse under their own weight.  Store them upright on their sides when at all possible.

Dryer Sheets:

Boxing up clothes and storing them for any period of time, and in any location, can cause your clothes to pick up the smells around it.  One way to prevent that smell from being a bad one is to add dryer sheets to your clothes boxes.  This will keep your clothes from getting a weird storage smell and keep them smelling fresh.

Function for production!


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