Function for Production: Untidy Filing

By guest blogger, Erin Houg:

Do your file cabinets resemble this photo?  Welcome to being busy and not being able to file everything the minute it comes through your front door.  This is a come problem that plagues many households.  Here are a couple of ways to fix this problem.  Try them out!

To Scan or Not to Scan

1.  Scan!  Invest in a scanner.  I understand that we are now using technology more than ever before.  Sometimes I wonder how I functioned without all this technology.  What makes for clean and organized files?  Not having them!  I know some of us have a sentimental attachment to hard copies of documents, but it is time to move on.  When Apple created a storage solution that offered three terabytes of storage called the Time Capsule, I knew that my life was about the change.  Scan all bills, receipts and important documents.  Bills, just in case you need to reference them later, receipts to track expenses and important documents, well, just in case.

Erase and Rewrite

2. I myself have a label maker.  Are you shocked?  Yes, I am obsessed about organized files and I like everything the same, so I bought my own label maker.  Kind of nerdy, I know.  Labeling just makes me happy.  You don’t have to buy a label maker to be organized!  I also have use erasable labels.  Has a new cable company caught your eye with some fancy six-month deal and you are thinking about switching over?  Have no fear!  Erase the old company name and rewrite.  Simple.  Click here for the ones that I found at the Container Store.

Be Practical

3.  Still think you need to file papers?  Be smart about it.  Creating a “to file” folder either on your desk or in your file drawer will keep papers neat.  But they won’t jump into the appropriate files themselves!  Set aside time to put them where they belong and maybe it will help you sleep better at night.

Function for production!


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