Function for Production: Dear Roman

By guest blogger, Erin Houg:

For those of you that do not know, or do know, I am a minimalist.  I can’t stand clutter.  I like clean lines, things to be black and white and to the point.  The thought of purchasing something else that I have to keep, or hold on to, makes me crazy.

So when I was pregnant, all I could think about what how I was going to chronicle this journey that I “happened” to find myself on.  Daily, pregnancy affected everything I was doing.  The marble floors of our Nation’s capitol building hurt my feet day in and day out; sitting through hearings and meetings was beyond painful.  Yet all I stressed about was how was I going to keep track of everything that happens in “Baby Bean’s” life and not miss a thing.

Late one night I was watching TV and I began to bawl.  I had just seen my answer.  We are a generation that needs, demands and thrives with technology at our fingertips.  And Google captured what I was looking for.  They gave me an alternative option to buying a baby book and keeping track of all of Baby Bean’s amazing life moments.  Google’s suggestion: keep track of everything by creating an email account for your unborn child (or already born) and emailing them their milestones.  If you haven’t seen the commercial, grab a tissue and click here.  I cry every time I see it.  Why?  The whole commercial is based around a dad emailing his first daughter with love notes, and pictures and videos of all of her firsts!

Now, I understand that writing to an unborn child could be awkward for some of you, but start now.  I am not sure that Roman will pour through this email account when he is older and think “wow”, but you know who will?  His wife.  And someday Roman will understand and love everything that is in that email account and everything that is stands for.  I am taking the time to send him all my favorite moments that might have otherwise been sitting in a book to be lost or ruined.

Now this concept might not be for everyone, but it changed my perspective on just what SHOULD happen when I have a baby.  If technology is going to be so prevalent, why not use it to our benefit?  Technology is something that I use everyday, and now I use it to chronicle every moment for Roman to enjoy later.  Here is to fewer books to store and cleaner bookshelves!  Thank you Google!

Sappy moment ending now.

Function for Production!


6 thoughts on “Function for Production: Dear Roman

  1. When I first clicked the link, I thought I was going to be strong. But your suggestion for a tissue was no joke! That is such an adorable and wonderful idea. The only fear I would have is what happens if somehow there is a mass internet/technology wipe. That’s just me, paranoid about the machines turning on us. So never mind my ramble. Either way, thank you for sharing and best of luck!

  2. This Happy Hut: That’s just me, paranoid about the machines turning on us.
    LOL! I don’t know enough about technology myself and fear “an apocalypse caused by Skynet” because I don’t know any better. I think making copies and keeping them safe would prevent the machines from destroying your precious moments. 🙂

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