Mommy Did It: Hungry Caterpillar Party

On Friday the 13th, we happily celebrated my son’s first birthday party. We had a small party to mark the occasion and a couple of super-simple DIY projects for decoration and party theme (Hungry Caterpillar). Remember to pin-it!

Hungry Caterpillar Balloons.

Hungry Caterpillar Balloons


Balloons, Tape, Construction Paper, scissors


1. Inflate green balloons for the body and a large red one for the head. Also include a few smaller ones for the tip of the tail.

2. Secure to wall with tape and stagger to show a little squirmy movement.

3. Use construction paper for eyes and antennae.

Cost: Balloons $3.00 + Tape $1.00 + Construction Paper $1.00 = $5.00 for a super-cool decoration!

Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes

Hungry Caterpillar Cupcakes


Cake mix, sugar-free icing, cupcake papers, cupcake pan, spatula, food coloring


1. Follow preparation instructions for cake mix.

2. Add cupcake papers to cupcake pan and add cake batter.

3. Follow baking instructions. After removing from oven, let totally cool (to avoid melting icing or tearing soft cupcakes apart).

4. Add food coloring to icing (green for body, red for face). Use sugar-free icing to avoid sugar shock or a sugar rush. Use a spatula to apply to cupcakes.

5. For the face, look in your refrigerator for items to use as eyes and antennae. I cut shapes out of a soft tortilla shell for eyes and cut the antennae out of lettuce.

Cost: Cake Mix $1.75 + Sugar Free Icing $1.75 + Cupcake Papers $2.00 = $5.50 for a cupcake caterpillar!

A very happy birthday boy!


Total Party Cost: $10.50

Son’s excitement and enjoyment: Priceless!

Follow my Mommy Did It board on Pinterest for other simple DIY projects that I did and you can do too!


13 thoughts on “Mommy Did It: Hungry Caterpillar Party

      • Yep! I always did a lot of creative things, but we always did them ourselves! I couldn’t stomach the thought of wasting that much money on a brief experience. Besides, we have five kids, so I would have been spending that ever other month!

      • You are absolutely right… it is a brief experience and for young ones, not a brief experience they will ever remember.

        And good luck with your brood of 5… that’s a lot of party planning!

      • Its not a big deal anymore. My boys are 15 & 16 and just go do laser tag or airsoft now. The girls pretty much all plan their own parties. My 20 yo started wanting to plan her own (VERY creative) parties when she was 13 and that tradition passed on to the younger girls (now 11 & 13), so I’ve not had to do much for years other than supply a budget (usually $20.00) and take them shopping for supplies!

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  4. Love the balloon idea! We just had a very hungry third caterpillar birthday party for my son. I did the party on a very low budget and the kids had a blast. That’s what really matters right?

    • Awesome party, Mindi! My budget was VERY low. Being only a year old, he wasn’t interested in the decorations, just his first taste of cake. Fun is all you need for a great party! 🙂

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