An Obsession and a Commitment

Weekends are usually bad for blogging. Give me a little me-time and I’ll squeeze it so full of projects, errands, and tasks that you’d think motherhood has taught me to somehow manipulate time itself. Like Santa Claus.

If you’re into numbers, my weekend math works something like this:

Time for mom + full-time with baby + domestic tasks (73) = Where did the time go?

If you’re not into numbers, that means I keep myself busy all weekend.

In maintaining my commitment to the Blog Dare and to my blog itself, I have a little blogging-catching-up to do. After all, if you’re not spending Monday complaining about it, you’re trying to catch up with the blur that just happened the weekend before.

Something Needed Daily: LISTS!

I once paid a therapist $35 per visit to eliminate my obsessive desire to make lists. I made lists to organize my lists, I re-wrote my lists, I made daily lists, I made shopping lists, and I even made lists of lists. My therapist informed me I was trying to organize and gain control of my chaotic life which, at the time, was filled with doctors’ appointments, full time work, full-time grad school, and full-time wedding planning.

Add a husband, baby, and new career then fast forward a few years later and if life wasn’t chaotic and list filled before, today is the Golden Age of list making.

Don’t get me wrong; my life is not as organized as the pretty lists I make. It is full of surprises every day that make the transfer of my lists from paper to real life impossible. But lists give me the impression that life is occurring just as it should be; carefully planned and on time.

Perhaps it actually is.

Too Much TV: Getting Unplugged

The day my husband and I met, we awkwardly discussed our hopes for having families someday (be it together, or not). My husband announced proudly that his first born son would be named after him and that his children not grow up in front of a television. I decided I could live with that and I kept him. After almost 4 years of marriage and four days before our son’s first birthday, we are faced with the reality of turning off the television.

We have been preparing ourselves for a household filled with sounds that don’t come from a television. Just after our wedding, we did the impossible and canceled our cable subscription. Not so easy at first but in time we realized quality had improved when we watched the movies we wanted and not just senseless programming.

When we moved into our house two years ago, we encountered a problem; through no fault of our own, cable was being provided inexplicably and free of charge. After several phone calls to the cable provider, they ignored us. Being weak minded individuals, we succumbed to temptation and took advantage of the guilt free programming leaking into our home. Fortunately, the conversion to a digital signal brought an end to our reality-tv, news-filled, Food Network dominated entertainment and we became thinking humans again.

Don’t get me wrong, we still watch movies and a few shows we follow on occasion (and are fortunate to have a home theater to enjoy), but television is NOT a part of our daily routines. Our son is easily captivated by t.v. and we hope instead to teach him the value of other activities like reading, exercise, and playtime. It may be unrealistic and difficult, but it is our choice to unplug and engage.

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