Behind the Bathroom Door

As if I am still 10 years old, it makes me giggle to think that everyone goes to the bathroom. I won’t name names, but EVERYONE goes to the bathroom, myself included. </immaturegiggles>

There is little mystery as to what happens in bathrooms; most likely if I am in the bathroom I’m not using my sewing machine to make a draft dodger (yes, this is the max of my sewing machine skills), or designing a chocolate factory with a t-square, or cataloging all of my books with the Dewey Decimal system. I do know someone who once put together a jig-saw puzzle in the bathroom, but again, I won’t name names.

It has been my understanding that for women, especially mothers, bathrooms are the only places which ensure privacy. In public perhaps, but in my house not so.

Bathrooms must be a mystery to my husband because the moment I shut the door, he pushes it open and inquires as to the activity I might be engaged in. Add a 1 year old child to the mix and what split second of privacy I might have had before my son learned how to open doors, has been totally eliminated.

Use a lock? Unfortunately, locks do not keeps voices and other such chaos out of the bathroom. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that the lock on our bathroom door is magical. Lock it, and a jungle appears in the living room, the kitchen becomes a construction zone, and a crisis team gathers in the dining room to keep the house in good operating order until I unlock the door again. Privacy really matters little if I can’t have quiet.

Honestly, this bothers me little. Bathrooms can be lonely places. Embarrassed, you may wonder? I left my modesty somewhere with the OB-GYN and it would take far more than a performance in the bathroom for an audience of two to embarrass me. I’ve learned to time my bathroom activities to when my husband and son are engaged in other household activities in order to enjoy a moment of peace and privacy.

… but only a moment.

Short of the bathroom door leading to Narnia on the other side where others can’t follow me, my activities in the bathroom will continue to be a family activity.


13 thoughts on “Behind the Bathroom Door

  1. HAHAHAHA Short of a miracle, the bathroom privacy doesn’t stop as your child gets older….In fact they may call you on your cell when encompassing that moment of privacy…Just a thought, not naming names….May the battle for privacy ever shine its light on you…..

  2. Great post. My son is 15 months old. I think the last time I was in a bathroom alone was in the hospital after giving birth! I put my son in the sink when I go to the bathroom.

  3. So true! I think the sound of the bathroom door closing triggers every emergency that can possibly happen. Your post reminded me of that book Everybody Poops. I got a great chuckle from reading this!

  4. haha, I remember those days and like you after a while I gave up and started telling everyone, “get ready I am going to potty” LOL

  5. Thank you all for the comments! I had a feeling I wasn’t the only mom out there whose visits to the bathroom are a family affair. Good to see we all have a fresh sense of humor about it. 🙂

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  8. Oh my gosh – isn’t this so true??? I think my modesty is hiding somewhere with yours… 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to finding the funny!

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