Daddy’s Inner Child

My son is two weeks away from his first birthday. He’s doing lots of fun things like walking, playing with puzzles & books, and talking (although my husband and I can’t figure out what this “uhbufff” means that he is saying all the time). Gone are the days when he lay helplessly on his back starring at mobiles and ceiling fans for hours each day. Now it’s the era of taking all the toys out of his toy bins and screaming when I try to immobilize him to put on his shoes or change his diaper.

When we first discovered we were having a boy, my husband was absolutely delighted. I imagine my husband must have thought I was growing a new play-mate for him in my belly. But when we shopped for our registry, I noticed a problem… They don’t make an age 0+ version of Legos, action figures, and Nerf toys. My husband seemed to be shopping for his inner child instead of the inner child I was carrying. After a teachable moment in which I explained he must be patient for a few more years, the problem was eliminated.

But I have noticed a pattern, and a nerdy one at that.

On Saturday we got a new lovey for our son. It was the clearanced $2 dollar kind made of a material that could repel the droll and sometimes dirty fingers of our baby. I overlooked the fact that was a Star Wars character.

Today I got a random Google Talk message from my husband. It was only two words but its importance was emphasized in all caps which is very uncharacteristic of my husband’s chatting style.

KNIT THIS, it said.

My husband knows I do not knit or crochet, nor do I so much as understand the difference between the two. But this seemed important enough to him that I should acquire said knitting skill to make whatever it was that he wanted me to make. Then, I followed the link that came after his urgent request:

I’m pretty sure that Star Wars character or not, our son is not thrilled to wear hats of any kind (see above where I mentioned immobilizing child).

What I think I failed to appreciate is the fact that my husband did not specify hat size. Perhaps I misunderstood his intent that this knitting project is not intended for our son.

I’m closing my eyes and imagining what that hat might look like on my husband with his handsome suits and cufflinks.

Yep… knit I must!

PS: I realize this is already the second post which has made mention of Star Wars. Don’t know why that happened.</nerds>

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