Baby’s First Christmas and a Mommy Meltdown

I have been waiting for this Christmas for a long time… at least since I used to pretend that Luke Skywalker was my husband, I was a waterbed salesman (yes waterbed salesman), and we had half a dozen little Cabbage Patch Kid babies.

Fast forward a few (or many) years later and things didn’t work out with Luke Skywalker. Instead, I married a twitchy dude who would probably kill himself if he ever picked up a light saber and although I had big aspirations to be a waterbed salesman, I grew up to be a graphic designer, a writer, a bookkeeper, a teacher, and now working in politics (the dysfunctional US government kind).

Although it seems my most of my childhood dreams never became a reality, the bestest one did.

I became a mom.

Shortly after discovering I was pregnant and due in January 2011, I began thinking about how different this Christmas would be. Even though I stopped asking Santa for Barbie dolls a long time ago, I never truly outgrew that feeling that wakes me bright and early every Christmas morning. Now, I look forward to sharing that with my son.

Developmentally, I understand that my 1 year old my son is not likely to remember this Christmas, but I have been a crazy-lady about trying to make it special. Bless my husband for dragging me back to reality each time I slip away. Until now, I have been a mellow-mommy; I don’t over react to baby things I don’t understand, I don’t try to compete with other moms, and I try my best not to overwhelm adult conversations with stories about my son.

But baby’s first Christmas seems like a big freakin’ deal! They even make special bibs and ornaments for the occasion! Target even has an entire end cap of keepsake merchandise! (I should totally caps-lock this entire paragraph for dramatic effect).

On Saturday I had a for-better-or-for-worse moment with my husband about Christmas. He called me out on being a Christmas-zombie obsessed with the commercialism of the season and totally out of touch with the spiritualism of the season.

Point well taken.

After re-evaluating my Christmas expectations, I made a wish list for my son that contains a few things that can’t be gift wrapped and placed under the tree.

  • Open new pajamas on Christmas Eve:  This has been a family tradition for years.
  •  Write Santa a letter: Children aren’t children for long, but I hope for many years to come this is a part of our family holiday traditions.
  • Donate old toys: My son is still growing into his toys, but in the future this is an excellent way to clean house and make another family’s Christmas special.
  • Elf on the Shelf: My husband and I adopted an Elf long before our family started to grow. This is a fun tradition when properly and reasonably maintained (I’m looking at you, over-achieving Elf on the Shelf moms).
  • Remember the ‘reason for the season’: Although I was slightly out of touch this year and obsessed with spoiling my son, it is truly important for our family to recognize and celebrate the birth of Christ through music, decor, and participation in church services.
  • Christmas Sweaters: This year we begin a new and humorous tradition with our family including colorfully knitted creations!

This is a simple wish list with reasonable expectations. To summarize, it’s all about family.

Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Baby’s First Christmas and a Mommy Meltdown

  1. I wanted to marry Bobby Sherman, and live in Petticoat Junction. One dream did come true, the birth of my son. Let the craziness overtake you. If you do it right, the excitement of Christmas will live forever in your child.

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